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Poker has always been a source of interest for everybody all around the world. In both positive and negative manner. Poker is being discussed, learned, played as well as opposed by millions. According to Robert Williamson, it takes a day to learn poker but a life time to master it. It is believed that in poker only 50% is the contribution of luck but requires 100% of expertise and skills in order to win the game.

Poker is played on both low and high stakes. On an estimate, around 70-80million people play poker within the U.S. Regular poker players and scholars as well, claims that poker is much more than just making money. It increases human skills in various ways. For instance, an individual’s maths, statistics and probability are improved to a significant extent as they have to be active in calculations.

This process is known as pot odds. The players need to be quick in evaluating their own and their opponent’s probability too. This learning of maths and statistics does not only benefits them in poker but also in their real lives. Furthermore, strategies are to be made in poker. They have to counter the opponent’s strategies. Not always an individual playing poker wins, so they have to deal with failures at times. In this regard, one has to be emotionally strong to handle the emotions when the game is not in his favour. Panic does not lead to winning. Rather, it creates hurdles and does not let a person stay focused on the game. And individuals playing poker are used to handling this rush.

One core element of poker is the money, without which this game cannot be played. The players needs to be efficient enough to manage the cash along with the game. They have to be smart in not losing all their money and keep some cash reserve for the rainy-time. Now, this money handling skills are a useful for a lifetime. It polishes both long and short term thinking process. By playing poker one become honest with himself. They are then learning from their mistakes and avoid them in future.

This quality is also relatable to real life. Thus, an expert poker player is not only good in maths, probability, stress and money handling but also they are willing to take risks. All these skills and experience leads to winning, good results and to have entertaining and memorable evenings with friends. Collectively, poker benefits in terms of money, skills development and also in relationship building.

Poker empowers individuals personally and groom their talents professionally. With these immense expertise and skills a poker player can initiate and organize a business set up competently. Poker makes an individual resilient and they do not settle for anything less than victory. This approach is much needed and appreciated in entrepreneurship and business. Their analytical skills are developed and are able to take decisions rationally, after evaluating all the possible consequences. Hence, poker is beneficial not only as a game but also in professional life to be successful.

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